Easy Thanksgiving Decor

Let’s be real. No one feels like spending a lot of time decorating for Thanksgiving. There’s too much cooking and soon to be too much Christmas hall decking to be done in just a few days. Also, for my family, there’s the extra step of packing up all the warm turkey and side dishes and transporting the festive meal to my grandparents’s house. However, it is fun for the Thanksgiving table to feel like fall, especially if the scene setting is easy.

Yesterday, I bought a little packet of faux leaves from Michaels. I’m planning on sprinkling a few around my newly bought metal pheasant (or is it a grouse or maybe a partridge?) as a centerpiece. The remaining leaves are now a simple garland.

Awesome Pheasant from Target

To make the garland:

  • I threaded all of the leaves onto a length of gold thread, making sure to send the thread through various places in the leaves. If I threaded through the end of one leaf, I would thread through the middle or side of the next. I noticed this added to the illusion of leaves haphazardly floating on the breeze.
  • I then laid the newly threaded garland on the floor and spaced the leaves as far apart as I wanted them.
  • Next I flipped over each leaf and added a very small dot of hot glue over the place where the thread went through the leaf to make sure that all of the leaves stayed spaced apart.
      img_7243Just a dot of glue is enough.

The leaves and pheasant are currently displayed on the mantle awaiting their trip to my grandparents’. Along with the simple, festive centerpiece, I plan to drape the garland across a window behind the table. I’ll be sure to post pictures of the finished table.

Cinnamon Broom from Kroger or Fresh Market…Books from Childhood





Thanksgiving: a Tale of Two Tables

Confession, I still sit at the kids’ table.

I mean, the kids are all over 21 now, two of my cousins are married, and there is an abundance of wine…but we still always break out a craft or coloring page, and all of our parents and grandparents still sit at another table in the formal dining room.

I’m also in charge of decor for both tables. To differentiate, I like to keep my table a little more fun and informal, while the grown ups get a more formal dining experience.

Typically, though, I like to tie both tables together with an emphasis on natural decor by bringing the outdoors in (literally). It’s nice to inspire a seasonal ambiance by focusing the decor on what is naturally beautiful at this time of year.

At the kids’ table


Last year, I created a flurry of leaves by preserving maple leaves and suspending them from the chandelier with various lengths of fishing wire.

It’s pretty easy to create this effect. Just soak any leaf in glycerine and water soon after picking, and the leaves will stay more vibrant and less crispy. A simple Google search will help with the exact amount of glycerine necessary.

Leaves drying after their glycerine treatment in the nearby pan

I added to this rustic table setting with homemade napkin rings (ribbons hot glued to acorns collected in my yard) and little pumpkins I kept from Halloween. All of these natural elements played well with my mother’s colorful serving dish as a centerpiece and some bright placemats.

Meanwhile at the grownups’ table


I had a few tables to work with. On one, another little round pumpkin became a carved planter for a burgundy pansy. 1128131148b

On the buffet, there was space for homemade beeswax candles since all of the casseroles were being served from the kitchen next door. Each of these little candles were made from a mail order kit, and cored apples in serving dishes and teacups served were perfect candle sticks.


To add hight at and keep the formal feel, a seasonal flower bouquet took center stage in a prized vase. 401720_859908748999_18812124_38841154_1935915328_n


Overall, most of the decorations were inexpensive or were found outside or among family heirlooms around the house. The best part was that the day was warm and personal. The decor at both tables helped set the stage for a wonderful dinner and memories with family.


Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving and that your holiday is beautiful. I can’t wait to share pictures from this year.