My Thoughtful Spot

A Top 5

Hi Friends!

Today’s bloganuary (daily writing) challenge prompt is:

“Where do you go when you need solitude?”

Winnie the Pooh has his “thoughtful spot.” I have my office.

I am positively in love with my little office.

It’s truly teeny, essentially a pantry with a window and a built in desk, but I love it! I love that I’ve decorated it in a way that makes me feel comfortable and inspired at the same time, it’s so cozy like a little cocoon, where all of my dreams are coming to life, ready to burst forth with renewed vibrance.

Where can you shut the door and just be with your dreams for a minute?

I challenge you to find that space, even if it’s very little

…make it your very own cocoon!

To help get you started, here are my five favorite thoughtful spot things and where to find them:

1) A giant mug (for energizing coffee or relaxing tea). This Elegant Elephant for Erica is from Williams Sonoma.

2) And it’s sitting on one of my cutest Christmas presents! You can find this little coaster at Wild Birds Unlimited. It’s filled with fragrant spices that fill the the air with a beautiful scent when a hot mug is rested on it!

3) Fresh flowers, or better yet, long lasting bulbs bring a bright feeling of spring. These miniature tulips and their elegant container come from The Fresh Market!

4) I am also so glad I bought this adorable, acorn shaped bird feeder from Home Depot! I can believe how many birds are happy to practically dine in my office (yes, maybe I did dry erase marker the window)!

5) A trio of candles brightens up this already bright space. The one in the woven basket can be found at Nest, the wood covered candle is from an Oak Hall signature collection, and I’m proud to have made the little silver tinned one myself at an event with Falling Into Place!

*All favorite things can be found in Memphis.

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