An Interview in the Most Delightful Way

Hi Friends!

Today’s prompt for the bloganuary (daily writing) challenge is:

“Interview a fictional character.”

I would certainly enjoy interviewing one of my all time favorite fictional characters…but I’m not sure it would go too smoothly.

Here’s the transcript I anticipate:

Erica’s Adventure: Hello Mary.

Mary Poppins: That’s Mary Poppins. Are there no formalities anymore? Children are going about learning from home, without a nanny or a tutor! Their parents are working in pajamas in adjoining rooms. Most disgraceful. However, we were conducting an interview. I believe it is your turn to inquire about my life.

EA: Um, yes. Hello Mary Poppins. How are you doing this afternoon?

MP: Now, I think we are both too busy for such small talk. Please go ahead with your interview, spit spot.

EA: Alright, please tell the readers about your childhood. Where did you grow up?

MP: I grew up like any other child. You must know that means vertically and emotionally. I should think that’s very clear; I’m an adult, and I achieved that rather splendidly. Really, I’m practically perfect in every way.

I also never forget my manners. I wasn’t raised in a barn.

EA: But where did you grow…oh I guess we aren’t getting anywhere with that.

Alright, I have a few questions from our audience.

When was the last time you laughed out loud?

MP: Tee hehehe hehehe haha!

Well that’s a silly question. Shouldn’t life be taken seriously? We must go about our daily tasks with appropriate gravity. I should never be caught cackling like a hyena when it isn’t appropriate.

EA: Um, Mary Poppins, didn’t you just…oh, never mind.

What brought you into the field of child care?

MP: I received a letter requesting my expertise. I then arrived several days before the winds changed. So much to do in such a short time!

Also, I should think adults need care too! Families as a whole, you must understand, need as much care as their smallest components! Child care, really?! We must learn to look past the ends of our noses.

EA: To clarify, our readers are curious about your life before you helped the Banks family.

MP: Aren’t we inquisitive? Not a flattering habit. Now straighten your dress. Yes, there. That will do. We’ll have to scrub that chocolate stain later.

EA: Many thanks, sincerely.

I have one final question; what is the most valuable lesson you hope to impart upon those you meet?

MP: If you must ask, you haven’t yet found for yourself an element of fun in every job that must be done. You see, in every task you undertake there is something joyful to make it a piece of cake!

EA: Thank you. Wait, was that an answer? Oh goodness. Well, it’s been a joy to speak with you today.

That concludes our interview. Thank you, Mary Poppins.

MP: You are quite welcome. Off to work with you now.