I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. I want it more than I can tell.

A moment in the Swiss Alps

Hi, I’m Erica!

Welcome to my blog! I am determined to live my own adventure by pursuing the things I love. Adventure can be near or far from home, and hopefully, this blog will help encourage you to follow your own adventure, too.

A Little More About Me

I’m formerly both an English and a history major and always world traveler from Memphis, TM. Currently, I’m excited to be putting work into living a life I’m proud of after spending a year on the sidelines after a broken leg. Some of my favorite things (in no particular order) are event planning, Maine, London, Martha Stewart, southern hospitality, and the National Park system.

I believe in celebrating every day, and I can’t wait to share my stories and tips with you… and I can’t wait to hear from you, too.

Thanks for reading!


Summertime in Bath