New Year Playlist

A Top Three

Hi Friends!

Today’s bloganuary (daily writing) challenge prompt is:

“What is on your music playlist right now?”

A Christmas gift of Sirius radio has currently replaced my own music playlist.

But when I’m not listening to No Shoes radio as I get excited about spending time Florida or pretending I could experience the stylish world of Siriusly Sinatra, I am a podcast addict.

I’ve been meaning to share my current top three podcasts, so without further ado:

1) ArtCurious Podcast– this is my all time favorite and delivers on its promise to entertain with “stories of the unexpected, slightly odd, and strangely wonderful in art history.” I never cease to be fascinated when the thoroughly engaging hostess, Jennifer Dasal, discusses lingering mysteries like the reasons behind how Michelangelo chose to portray women to purportedly cursed Venetian palaces to mind bogglingly high art auction prices. Honestly, over a year of listening to this, I have learned as much as I have in college courses… but in a fun way!

2) School of Self Image- Tonya Leigh’s approachable style of life coaching is something I can’t seem to get enough of. I have personally paid for a one month membership of her School of Self Image, but the podcasts are free and just as useful for positively transforming your life in order to achieve your dreams. Also the short, usually under thirty minute format, along with the hundreds of prerecorded episodes easily allow her motivational words to be added to a daily routine.

3) Everything Will Be Okay– There aren’t as many episodes of this as the other two podcasts, so I have listened to every one of these shows from the ever positive Dana Perino. Some episodes are more applicable to my life than others, but it’s always interesting to hear others’ perspectives, especially since each episode is an interview with many well known and influential voices to when some truly are uplifting and inspirational. It’s also interesting to note that this podcast is meant to glean knowledge from people who are among the best at what the do in a wide variety of fields, so despite connotations based on Dana’s previous jobs, there are voices from across the political spectrum. My very favorite episode was an interview with IT Cosmetics founder, Jaimie Kern Lima, which actually prompted me to buy her outstanding book.

I hope you find as much inspiration from these podcasts as I do and that hearing the adventures of others helps you embrace the possibilities of saying, “yes, I can” to your own!

* This month’s theme for the blog is, “Yes, I can!” I am also participating in the bloganuary daily writing challenge.

Yes, I Can!

Yes, I Can” is January’s theme and a great start to a new year!

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Happy New Year, Readers!

You may have noticed a few advertisements telling you that this is the perfect time for a refresh…a time to refocus on your goals. Well, I couldn’t agree more!

However, before you can start working towards the dreams you see in your future, you need to have an inkling that you can achieve them. Spoilder alert: I think you and I both can!

I’ve also noticed that knowing (or at least being really sure) that you can achieve something is a good foundation for actually getting up and achieving it.

So how do you say, “yes, I can!” if you’ve never actually done the thing you’re trying to do?

I’ll share what works for me:

Once upon a time, a friend challenged me to list two things for which I was thankful each day for two weeks. The objective was at the end of two weeks to feel more of a sense of joy than I had a the beginning because I would end up being able to clearly see many of the blessings in my life written on paper.

After a few days, I started adding “prouds” beside my “thankfuls.” I then defined the two: “Thankfuls”as beautiful gifts in my life.” “Prouds” as “positive things I do with the things I’m grateful for.”

Here are some examples (big and small):

Thankfuls Prouds
I have two healthy eyesI made a healthy choice, wearing sunglasses on my car trip.
My Loving GrandparentsI took them to enjoy their favorite activity today, a visit to Dairy Queen.
Working for a company with opportunitiesI worked hard and earned a promotion.
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I’ve realized I liked the cause and effect nature of these lists. At the end of two weeks, I wasn’t just passively thankful. I was motivated because I saw so many things I was proud of. If I could do all of these “prouds,”over the last two weeks, I could certainly do them again…and even add a few next week!

It was a lightbulb moment! I had evidence of things I can do, and I told myself I can do more!

I challenge you over the next two weeks to try listing your own thankfuls, followed by prouds. Grab a pretty journal, and see where you end up! I’ve seen beautiful gratitue journals at Anthroplogie or Novel in Memphis that should allow you to add a “Prouds” collumn. Honestly, my journals are lined notebooks. See what works best for you!

Let me and your other fellow readers know how this works for you, or better yet, share if you’ve discovered your own way to apply this to a specific goal.

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