Mini Vacations: Millington, TN

Millington, TN

      July weekend trip/ Winery Visit Round 2

Ok, I get that Millington isn’t even outside of Shelby county, and some people even consider it part of Memphis (ahem Justin Timberlake), but still isn’t a vacation any break from ordinary life?

Yes, it is, so here are some of the things my sister & I recommend after our first trip to Millington:

1. Shelby Forest– It’s nice that Memphians have such a large, natural setting so close to home.  Point of interest: apparently Shelby Forest is home to one of America’s best disc golf courses (haha, strange).

2. Shelby Forest General Store– The atmosphere is very Bass Pro meets Appalachia. My sister’s boyfriend recommends the ice cream bars.

3. Old Millington Winery– This winery may not be as showy as Arrington in Nashville, but these wines are also delicious, and there is a large deck where you can relax and enjoy your purchase. Also, many weekends, there there is live music. I recommend the blackberry wine, although everyone else loved the Strawberry. We brought home a bottle of very refreshing Delta White…here’s its cheery label!millington vineyard

Mini Vacations: Ghost River

Ghost River, TN

    June weekend trip/ fun at a swamp

By now, everyone in Memphis has probably heard of the Ghost River Brewing company. So, when my family found out that there really is a section of the Wolf River that looks just like the mysterious picture on  the brewery’s labels, we decided, why not check it out?! 

Now, I don’t want anyone to think this isn’t a fascinating place to visit, but I’ve added some some travel advice to this little vacation post that other websites didn’t let me know before I visited.

1. Canoeing and kayaking are decidedly the best options for experiencing this natural area.You can follow the driving directions on the few websites that offer them.

However, really this one view is all you can see from the road:Wolf River

from Bateman Rd, again:

ghost river

2. Even with directions, the park isn’t exactly user friendly.

After stopping at a few muddy, river landings, we followed locals’ advice & drove down a random road, through what I’m sure was someone’s back yard, across a temporary bridge, and into the woods to find the only visitors’ info board we saw all day.ghost riverHere’s the info, just in case you don’t want to traipse through other people’s property.

ghost riverghost river

3. Ghost River is, in fact, a swamp, not a river. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Notice the intense mud at the foot of the trees… yet another reason to boat through here.ghost river

4. Despite some drawbacks, Ghost River really does have a unique beauty.0526141317a-3

Mini Vacations: Nashville

Sometimes, even when my family can’t take a very long or thoroughly planned vacation, we find ways to have lots of summer fun close to home. Hopefully, the mini vacations I’ll share through the next few posts will inspire you to take your own little breaks from everyday life.

Nashville, TN

June weekend trip/Winery Visit Round 1

Once upon a time, my sister, my mom, and I hopped in the car to visit my aunt & cousin in Nashvegas!

We started our very short trip with a visit to History Channel’s own Pickers.antique archaeolgy

Ok, this isn’t exactly the gigantic warehouse full of rust I was expecting…

antique archaeology

In fact, it was a bit more of a Nashville flavored tourist-trap.

But there was a lot to look atantique archaeology

Not even sure what some stuff was…

antique archaeology

While we didn’t purchase much…I got a Picker pick from music city…ok, I thought it was clever.

antique archaeology

and we may not have wanted to buy some things at all…eek!

antique archaeology

we did have a very good time!

antique archaeology

After a few country music star encounters (or look-alike encounters),

we spent a girls’ afternoon at Arrington Vineyards

nashville winery

Oh my gosh, maybe it’s the wine talking, but I can not say enough good things about this place. Y’all, I want to have my birthday here; does that tell you anything?!

nashville winery

You can sample up to four varieties of wine.

Be sure to try the Chardonnay and especially the Raspberry (yum!)

nashville winery

…oh and there are delicious raspberry chocolates…i know they’re not really wine but….

Even though there was a wedding, birthday party, live country music, and the rustic front porch was just generally packed while we were there, it was pretty easy to purchase our favorite wine and find a picnic table with a great hillside view.

nashville winery
Wow we love stripes!

What a beautiful day!


O Camden! My Camden!

Camden, ME- Where the mountains meet the sea

Every time friends mention they are going to Maine, I feel secondhand excitement just thinking of all the fun they are going to have.

Camden, ME is one of my favorite, if not my favorite place in the US. I’ve been visiting Camden every few years since I was pretty little, and every time I leave, I can’t wait to go back. Once, I told someone that Maine is better than 95 percent of the the places you can visit in the world, and my sister quickly told me that was a low estimate.

Places to stay on a trip to Maine:

I would highly recommend staying in Camden as your home base and balancing your trip with both exploring this little town and taking day trips along the cost. There are also several very cute, very small towns in which to stay. For example, tiny Rockport is very quaint and quiet but still close to everything.

There are obviously no bad neighborhoods to avoid. In town, the Gaylord Camden is very nice, but the place my family and I have loved the most is the 200 year old home in Rockport that we found on Airbnb.


You will definitely need to rent car even if you will be staying primarily in one town. When my family visits Maine, we really spend a lot of time sightseeing and enjoying nature. We frequently take drives or hikes just to see the scenery and find a new lighthouse or adorable roadside store along the way. Maine is very rural and historic, which is a lot of its charm.

Perfect things to do in Camden-

  • Eat breakfast in one of the little restaurants downtown
    • Mariners has a patio right over the little waterfall that pours into the harbor and has both beautiful views and pancakes with Maine blueberry jelly, yum!
    • My sister’s boyfriend claims that blueberry muffins at the Bagel Cafe behind the Lord Camden are the best food he’s ever eaten…to the point that he ate two there and one on the way home… but I love the bagels.
  • Stroll around the lawn in front of the Public Library. There just isn’t a more peaceful place.
Camden Public Library
View of Harbor from Park
  • Take a Windjammer Cruise.I highly recommend the Schooner Appledore.The tours are always beautiful, of course.The guys who sail the ships are characters who make the trip fun. You’ll see seals, Camden harbor, and lighthouses!
    • There are a several tours available. My family really enjoys the short cruises of an hour or two during the day or even at sunset.
  • Hike or drive to the top of Mount Battie for a panoramic view of Camden’s place along Maine’s jagged coastline and rocky islands.DSCN2306On fall afternoons, pick apples at a nearby farm.
    • There are quite a few places to pick apples and many varieties of apples, so just run a google search to see what’s near you.
    • This activity is best done at the beginning of the trip because you’ll want to want to bring a few apples with you when setting out for each day’s adventures. You may also have a chance to make and enjoy an apple pie if your place has a kitchen.Tour the little shops in the little downtown. You’ll find everything from quality clothing to souvenirs and nicknacks. The Smiling Cow is a classic.
  • After dinner (or really anytime), grab an ice-cream at Camden Cone.

Fun in surrounding towns:

  • Owl’s Head Lighthouse is my very favorite lighthouse.
    • This is in a very forested promontory with a little museum and gift store in the old keeper’s quarters, and you can hike down to a little rocky beach to one side.
    • In Rockland, ME


  • Walk out to the Breakwater Lighthouse.
    • This is kind of a trek. It’s located a little over a quarter mile walk out in a bay over a breakwater of large rocks.
    • In Rockland, ME
    • While there, also check out the Samoset Hotel.



My family loves to visit Art Galleries.Farnsworth Museum

    • The main museum in Rockland houses a collection of contemporary and historic American artists with a specific wing dedicated to the works of the Wyeth family.
    • The Farnsworth also owns the bleak and weathered Olson House in Cushing, ME. This home inspired and is featured in many of Andrew Wyeth’s paintings, including Christina’s World.
    • Many painters have been inspired by Maine, so even small galleries are filled with great art. My favorite of these is the Wiscasset Bay Gallery, which just happens to be just steps away from a wonderful antique store and what is said to be Maine’s best lobster rolls, Red’s Eats.


  • A trip to Maine is essentially a challenge to eat as many lobster rolls as humanly possible. There are many awesome places to eat this delicacy. Camden’s best restaurant, Cappy’s, is out of business, so my family is still on a quest to find a replacement. The best lobster rolls are served in roadside stands by local fishermen, not in restaurants. Don’t be shocked, though, if they charge restaurant prices…lobster is lobster, but it is so worth the price. Lobster rolls here are the best you will find anywhere in the world.
    • Recently, the best lobster rolls I have had were at Libby’s Market in Brunswick, ME. Don’t be surprised that the little dining area is in what looks like a regular gas station. The rolls are very good and fresh. The owner and his wife catch the lobster themselves.


 A Little Farther Away from Camden:

  • Go to Acadia National Park!
    • The place comes alive for leaf peepers in fall. Bar Harbor is a nice place to visit near the park entrance.


  • Visit the L.L.Bean Flagship Store with the giant Bean Boot out front. L.L.Bean was founded in Maine, promotes an outdoor lifestyle, and supports the National Park Foundation…could there be a better company?
  • Visit the other awesome outlet stores. The Patagonia outlet in Freeport, just across the street from L.L.Bean and the Barbour outlet in Kittery can’t be beat.

Design Moment

For tourists, Maine basically wouldn’t exist without ships. Ships bring in lobster and sight seeing scooters sail through almost every bay. Therefore, nothing captures the essence of Maine at home more than ship decor.

You can go classic by purchasing an oil painting from a local gallery,

Or you can get a little kitsch with an antique mobile.

Bonus points if your mobile is next to a picture of Owls Head


A Day in Salt Lake City


Oh my goodness, Readers,

A few months ago, I did the unthinkable.

I chose to waste extra hours of vacation time in order to spend time by myself in a city that didn’t particularly interest me.

To explain… when booking plane tickets for my trip to ski in Park City, I had the option of flying into Salt Lake City at 9pm the day before skiing or at 11:30am on the same day. I wasn’t particularly interested in Salt Lake City, and I value my vacation days like they’re made of gold, but in the interest of not being exhausted the next day, I chose the earlier flight.

This meant that I would be spending most of the day entertaining myself in what I imagined to be a featureless desert waiting on my sister, her boyfriend, and his brother to arrive from ATL around 7pm. So I did some research. At first, I was sold (by my sister’s boyfriend) on spending the day seeing the Bonneville Salt Flats. It didn’t take me long to decide that was a LOT of driving for minimal reward, especially if the flats were possibly flooded, which is highly probable in late March. I really had wanted to see this place where land speed records are routinely set, and I was super intrigued by the fact that in some places, the salt is up to 5 feet deep…how surreal! However, the flats are about an hour and a half from the airport, which would have limited my time elsewhere, and if there’s any rain, then there’s no driving to be done out there.

Instead, I made myself a nice little itinerary that I managed to follow with time to spare.

I knew it was going to be a strange and magical day when I had to stop just after the rental car exit for a tumble weed to pass.

First, I wanted to see what I termed “The Giant Mormon Temple.”

I’ve heard the downtown called the Vatican of Mormonism, which is pretty apt. Also, my own observation was that this is the cleanest state capital I’ve ever seen.

Approaching the downtown

Ok, so confession, this landmark was a little lost on me. It wasn’t as gigantic as I expected, and it’s not as embellished as some cathedrals I’ve seen, but I’m sure I would love it if I were Mormon, so I’m not bashing it. Also fascinating fact: inside the building isn’t just one large room, like a cathedral. Instead, a visitor enters from the basement then progresses through a series of symbolic rooms, each at different, ascending levels, until the person reaches the top floor.


I also saw the State Capital building…very stately, indeed.


Then because I generally appreciate nature more than cities, I went to Antelope Island.

At first, I was a little concerned that the island home of bison and antelopes wouldn’t be worth the drive, but a nice local lady at Utah’s version of Kroger assured me it was worth the trip.

Note: Getting to antelope island did not take as long as Google thought it would. Google seemed to be calculating distance to the very end of the island loop, which is not necessary because the animals can be seen even near the beginning of the several mile loop.

Note: There is a $10 entrance fee for most cars, but it was well worth the price.

My Welcome to Antelope Island: Bison May Be Dangerous

After paying the small few, I crossed a causeway across the Salt Lake. I am a complete stranger to this environment, was immediately awestruck.


It was a very still day, and the clouds reflecting on the Salt Lake gave a sense of surreal, horizonless vastness. I had heard of this effect on flooded salt flats in Bolivia and knew that it was also possible on the salt flats I had passed up, but I was astounded to unexpectedly stumble upon this mirage.




The view directly behind the pastel, horizonless moonscape was equally majestic with the mountains rising beside the lake becoming more and more blanketed in spring snow as I drove.


Despite the breathtaking views, I knew I would be a little bummed if I didn’t see the bison or antelope I had driven to see. Don’t worry, though. Unlike looking for wildlife in many parklands, the bison and antelope are very easy to find once you arrive on the island at the end of the causeway.



I felt like I had stepped back into the old west.


I took most of the drive around the island and had to stop several times for bison who were wandering across the street. It was truly great.

On the Road Again


I also spotted a group of antelope, but they were a little farther away.

DSCN2300DSCN2303.JPGI spent a few hours driving and photographing then drove back to Salt Lake City a little before rush hour with very easy traffic.

Note: Salt Lake City is serious about their HOV lanes, or maybe I was just aware of this in contrast to Memphis’s willy nilly monitoring of the HOV.

Once I got back to SLC, I ate at Settebello, the pizza place I had previously found online. I parked in a centrally located garage and felt safe walking the ten minutes to the restaurant.

The pizza and wine were great and are my favorite things to eat on vacation, but Red Iguana Mexican restaurant closer to the center of downtown also looked very good.

Capricciosa Pizza

Note: servings of wine are limited to smaller glasses because of Mormon views on alcohol.

After dinner, I chose to walk to the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art.  It was pay what you wish and was rather small. I wouldn’t say it’s a can’t miss museum at all, but if you have a few minutes to kill in downtown Salt Lake City, it’s a decent stop. The temporary exhibit while I was there was Desire Lines, which I learned is a path formed in nature by erosion, humans, or animals that most often represents the shortest or most easily navigated route between origin and destination. This was an interesting theme to reflect on after nice to reflect on after my earlier trek through the rugged landscape with bison, antelope, and other tourists.

After the museum, I strolled through the very nice indoor shopping mall (with an indoor stream and an Athleta store) next to Temple Square before driving back to the airport.

Overall, I was very pleasantly surprised by Salt Lake City. The most notable positive point was that I felt very safe walking all over downtown as a single, female traveler. I also enjoyed that every part of the city seemed well maintained. Moreover, everyone I encountered was very polite and friendly and glad to give directions. All of these things were very refreshing after traveling from Memphis, where safety, friendliness, and cleanliness are often hard to find. I will, however, follow these positive reviews with the opinion that I probably did everything that interested me in Salt Lake City in one day and that it is a great layover city and not a true destination city for me…my desire line stretched from the airport through the city and to the ski slopes beyond.

Enjoy the journey and the destination,